Newcomers Welcome

Sherry Thompson has been volunteering her time Sundays at the Hospitality Desk outside the main sanctuary.  Sherry has done great things coordinating all the volunteers that man the Desk.  She has a passion for hospitality and understands the great importance of welcoming newcomers. Recently she shared with me the scriptural foundation for our Hospitality ministry, along with a beautiful prayer.  I wanted to share both with you.

“Welcome him in the Lord with great joy”             Philippians 2:29.  

It is a perfect summation of what we are about at Broadmoor: welcoming people in such a way they experience the grace and love of Christ.  Everyone should be happy when newcomers arrive to check us out!  After all, it is a matter of honor and trust.  We are honored that people think enough of us to spend time here.  And think about this, their presence says they are willing to trust us.  Absolutely we should welcome newcomers in the Lord with great joy!
Now here is the prayer, written by Jackie M. Johnson:

Lord, I pray that we would be a welcoming church for members, guests, and newcomers alike.  
Help us to receive new people with warmth and love.  Give us sensitive hearts to notice others – we don’t want to focus only on our own family or group of friends.  We were all once “the new person”, so help us to be inclusive and make
visitors feel at home…”

Isn’t that a wonderful prayer?  
Be attentive to others.  Quit worrying whether they’re new members or charter members – just greet each other in the Lord with great joy.  

Now, joy to each of you this day.  May the good Lord bless you and keep you. 

See you on the Lord’s Day, y’all.