Interested in joining the Broadmoor family?

We would love to have you! Anyone is welcome in this faith community to join us in the mission and ministry of Broadmoor United Methodist Church. If you are looking for a church home, Broadmoor provides you the opportunity to participate in worship, service, relationships, and ministries that make a difference in our community and world.


  • Profession of faith & baptism | A person who begins the Christian life does so through baptism which is a symbol of God's grace through Jesus Christ. For a young person or an adult, this is when God acts in your life to start a new life of faith, commitment, and covenant with God.

  • Transfer from another United Methodist Church | Are you a member of another United Methodist Church, either locally or out of town? If so, and you wish to move your membership to Broadmoor we will joyfully welcome you through a letter of transfer.

  • Transfer from another Christian denomination | We recognize your previous baptism and transfer your membership from your denomination.

Are you ready to be counted as a disciple and be a member of the body of Christ? Arrange a meeting with our Pastors by calling the church at 318.861.0586, or sending an email to

If you would like to fill out and print the membership form at home, you may download the PDF here.