Shedding Our Shells

By Dr. Greg Davis, Senior Pastor

Shrimp wear their skeletons on the outside of their bodies. They’ve been known to discard their shells as many as 26 times during a lifetime. They shed their shells to accommodate their growing bodies.

Perhaps we humans can take a lesson from the lowly shrimp. Do we have some shells that need discarding? It may be a good idea to examine our lives and shed a few shells occasionally. The growing person is constantly shedding his shells.

Is it time to shed our shell of pessimism and cynicism? It’s vastly more fun to be an opportunist. The pessimist is limited by doubt, confined by fear, and hemmed in by uncertainty. The optimist is freed by faith, stimulated by hope, and empowered by confidence.

Perhaps it’s time to shed our shell of indifference. Truly, none of us is an island, and whatever affects my neighbor surely affects me. We will never be completely fulfilled and properly nourished until every person in the world is well-fed.  

Is it time to shed our shell of lethargy? What the world needs now is greater enthusiasm for life. Enthusiasm is the key that unlocks the doors to abundant life.

Perhaps it’s time to shed our shell of selfishness. The generous person is the joyous person. The giving spirit is the beautiful spirit. Follow the example of the Master Teacher and give generously, willingly, unhesitatingly, and completely.

Let’s shed our shells and live more abundantly!