Asking for Help

By Dr. Greg Davis, Senior Pastor

One afternoon a little girl decided she needed one more large rock to complete a fort she’d been building. The other rocks had been small enough for her to carry.  This one presented a challenge. But she loved challenges, so she set to work. The first problem was the hill. The rocks were at the bottom, the fort at the top.

She got behind the big rock and started pushing. Didn’t budge. Then she tied a rope around it and started pulling. Didn’t work. About this time her mother got home from the office. She found her daughter struggling.

The girl described the problem. Her mother asked, “What methods have you used?”

She listed all her efforts. Then her mother reminded her of how resourceful she was. That she was confident her daughter would solve the problem.

Exasperated, the girl made a couple more attempts. Finally she went to an engineering website. Figured out how to rig a pulley. Didn’t work.

Her mom found her in tears. She brought her some lemonade. She was ready to give up.

“Have you tried everything, honey?”

“YES.  Absolutely everything.”

“No, you haven’t,” her mother said. “You haven’t tried asking for help.”

In no time the two of them rolled that rock up the hill.

Here’s the application: first, God cares about our problems, large and small.  

Second, God is ready and waiting for us to ask. God wants to help.

Third, God provides human hands and hearts and shoulders and ears who care.  In our community of faith there are pastors. Loving staff. Caring members.  

Fourth, remember to use all your resources.