A Music Ministry Update

A Word from Adam Philley, Director of Music Ministries

Thank you for supporting me and the Music Ministry over the past year. We have accomplished so much more than I could have imagined. You have proven to me that Broadmoor is the most generous place I have ever had the pleasure of serving. Over the last year we launched the first annual Festival de Noël which spawned the newly founded Festival Arts Series, had a successful Glory Sounds Christmas Musical, Celebration Singers youth choir toured Austin, San Antonio and Houston, Chancel Choir performed The Seven Last Words of Christ with professional soloists and orchestra, Chancel Choir averaged over 30 people on Sunday mornings throughout the year and we maintained our stronger than ever Carillon Ringer choir with two staff members serving on Regional Handbell Musicians of America board. We also house two community groups, Red River Ringers and Prisma Vocal Ensemble. You have proven to me how important the arts are to you by your attendance at concerts, kind words of affirmation as well as your financial support.

This year is shaping up to prove just as exciting! I am so excited to be able to grow the music staff with the addition of Nathan and Lisa, performing one of the most iconic choral pieces ever written, Handel's Messiah, as our gift to the community in the second annual Festival de Noël, and taking our very own Chancel Choir to Carnegie Hall to perform with one of the greatest choral conductors of our time, Anton Armstrong. Please keep all of these events in your prayers. If you are interested in participating in any of these events or would like to help support the music ministry financially please do not hesitate to ask me or simply notate your financial gift to the Music Ministry. Thank you again for making my first year here a true indication that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.