Faithful Campaign Update

By Rev. Terry Love, Pastor of Administration

Faithful Campaign: First year positive, but continued efforts necessary!

The BOLD Faithful Campaign began in June of 2015 to eliminate the debt of Broadmoor United Methodist Church in 4 years. Through June 30, 2016, the total giving to the Campaign is $1,088,000. Those donations established a six-month reserve of $136,000, paid all the interest on the loan for the period, and reduced the debt principal from $3,291,616 to $2,458,746 or $832.870! That is such a positive response for the first year!

So many of you have been so responsive to this BOLD campaign and your efforts are much appreciated. Many made pledges totaling $2,188,403 toward the indebtedness and have been paying faithfully. Some have paid their 4-year pledge in total. Of course, pre-paying the pledge as soon as possible reduces the total interest as we accelerate the reduction of the principal balance as the Campaign donations are received. Others have made extra gifts beyond their pledge. And, others still have made significant gifts without having made a pledge.

It took an extraordinary effort to have the results we have had in the first year of the Faithful Campaign. It will require a continued concerted effort, steeped in prayer, to complete the task of eliminating the indebtedness of the church by July, 2019. This is a very important goal for the church because the load of servicing this debt restricts funds that could be used more directly for the mission and ministry of demonstrating the love, grace and hope of Jesus Christ.

Please pray energetically as to how you might increase your support of Broadmoor United Methodist Church and the BOLD Faithful Campaign. Thanks for your continued faithfulness to the ministry of Jesus Christ through BUMC.