Reason for Hope

By Dr. Greg Davis

The creation of the atomic bomb brought a great hurt into the world because, for the first time, we knew we could destroy ourselves. The deficit is so large now that many people predict another world depression. Traditional centers of hope, like the church, now often predict (almost with joy) that this is the Last Age and that the world will soon be destroyed. If this is not enough to discourage you there is always pollution.

Is there any reason for hope? I believe so.

The question becomes, “What do you hope for?” Look, if you simply hope all problems will go away, if you hope you won’t encounter any challenges, if you hope that everything will go your way, then there is NOT much reason for hope.

But if you hope to love someone, if you hope to be more faithful, if you hope to serve others, if you hope to overcome your problems, if you hope to be a better friend, a better parent or grandparent, then there is every reason to be hopeful.

I am hopeful for BUMC’s future.

I believe you join me in this. So I ask you to come to a meeting after late church on Sunday, May 22, at 12:15. The purpose is to answer the question, Where are we going? Answering this question takes us from today to tomorrow. Lunch, childcare, comfy chairs all provided.

This is the movement of hope taking form and substance in BUMC. Join me. Pray. Dream. Hope. Contribute.