Ministry Architects: Investing in Our Children for Our Future

By Kristin Nelson, Director of Children's Ministries

I have said many times before the reason my family is at Broadmoor United Methodist Church is because of the Children's Ministry. Brian and I wanted to find a place where we felt our children could grow in love and in faith and Broadmoor offered us that. The funny thing is that along the way Brian and I also grew in that love and our faith deepened. Now, as the Children's Director, I want that for other children and their families.  

Because we value our children and their families here at Broadmoor and want to build a sustainable Children's Ministry, we are partnering with Ministry Architects to develop a game plan to do so. Learn more about them at! Ministry Architects will be here at Broadmoor UMC April 21-23. Most of their time will be spent listening to a variety of groups within the church. We hope to see participation from our parents, volunteers, staff and anyone who just loves our kids and wants to see them grow. We want to hear your joys, concerns and your hopes for our children's future.

I am excited about this opportunity. After spending two days listening to what our congregation has to say, the Ministry Architects will let us know what we are doing right, what we need to work on and what we just need to let go of. God is working in this church and in our Children's Ministry and we look forward to Ministry Architects helping us layout the blueprint to move forward. If you would like to be a part of this process and have your voice heard, please contact me at

In one of my readings the other day it said, "It's in maintaining the blessings God has given you that you learn the difference between what's important in life and what's not." Broadmoor's Children's Ministry is one our great blessings. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful ministry.