After the Storm

It has been nice to see some sunshine after a week’s worth of clouds and heavy rain. As a community, we stood together in the storm staying connected, checking up on one another and offering help. As the flood waters recede, we will continue to serve those in need and help our neighbors rebuild.

Every Lent, we do our best to take up practices that help us to focus on Jesus Christ. We follow Christ and his disciples to Jerusalem, the cross, and ultimately an empty tomb. As Palm Sunday approaches we prepare to walk into Jerusalem as the crowds cry “Hosanna!” Yet as Christ enters triumphant, there are storm clouds on the horizon.

Storms rage as Jesus is betrayed and crucified. As we remember the Passion of Jesus, we fix our attention to his sacrifice and the significance of his actions. When the storms passed, Jesus’ body was placed in a tomb and life continued as before.

With our week of stormy weather behind us, we remember that Lent continues. Life continues. We look for new opportunities to love our neighbors and follow Jesus Christ. Storms play their part in our stories, but it is what happens after the storm that is truly important.

After this storm, we will clean, rebuild and help our neighbors to do the same. Three days later, Christ rose from the grave. That is what we wait and hope for during Lent. The power of God made known in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is good news! That is what we are preparing for this Lent.

I can't wait to celebrate Easter with Broadmoor this year!


Rev. Peter Gaughan