Following the Right Tracks

Three college students decided to go hunting.  All of them were from New Orleans.  They knew nothing about hunting, but went anyway.  They got out in the woods and looked at one another.  Finally one said, “I’ll go hunt.”  He disappeared in the woods.  The other two heard a shot.  He came back with a raccoon.  “How’d you get him?” they asked.  “I saw tracks, followed the tracks, and shot the raccoon.”

So one of the others said, “I’ll go next.”  Off he went.  Soon there was a shot and he came back dragging a bear.  Same question.  He said he saw the tracks, followed the tracks, saw the bear, shot the bear.  So the third one smiled and said, “My turn!”

He didn’t come back for hours.  When he appeared, he was bloodied and bruised.  He said, “I saw tracks, followed the tracks, got hit by a train!”

The point is, we’ve got to follow the right tracks.

One of the most important things we will do this year will happen on Sunday, March 6th during the worship services.  You will be asked to complete a brief survey to help us follow the right tracks into the future.

Here’s how it will work: Ushers will hand out the surveys immediately before Communion.  You will have time to prayerfully complete the survey before or after you take Communion.  There will be baskets for you to drop the completed survey into after service.

Survey questions include:

  • Where and how do you experience God at BUMC?
  • Why does BUMC exist?
  • Why do people come to BUMC rather than another church?
  • In what directions do we most want to grow?

The intent of this is to evaluate the current state of the church and where we want to go.  We need your input to help us follow the right tracks into the future God has for BUMC.  Please make every effort to be in church on Sunday, March 6th. Let’s work together to get to the heart of the matter!

By Dr. Greg Davis