That Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Our lives are often full of CRAZY.

First, there are Crazy Schedules.
Go to work. Go to school. Go to church.
Squeeze in some exercise. Take a trip. Serve on a committee or two.
Attend a sporting event or a play at a local theater.
I’m exhausted just thinking of it all!

Then, there are Crazy People!
Crazy drivers. Crazy bosses. Crazy politicians. Crazy PTA Presidents!
Go ahead and admit it…we all know a crazy person or two!

And, how could we forget our Crazy Emotions?
Crazy happy. Crazy Sad. Crazy confused. Crazy excited. Crazy worried. Crazy happy, once again.
Our emotions are often like yo-yos on steroids!

But, in the midst of all this craziness, there is one more “crazy” that cannot be overlooked.

It’s that Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Not just any love, but

God’s Love.

This past Sunday, I enjoyed the day with family and friends at the Highland Mardi Gras Parade. If the words MARDI GRAS and PARADE don’t trigger the word CRAZY in your mind, I don’t know what words would! Yes, it was a crazy time…Children and adults alike begging and screaming, “Throw me something, Mister,” in the hopes of catching a variety of beads, candy, cups, stuffed animals, and, if you are really lucky, the coveted Moon Pie! Floats were rolling, music was blaring and Mardi Gras throws were a’coming! It was the definition of crazy for sure!

At one point, in the middle of all this craziness. I looked up as I was trying to catch a football and noticed that there was something stuck in the branches of a tree not far above my head. I looked closely and saw a strand of gold beads and a bright red stuffed heart that read, “BE MINE.”  And at that very moment I realized…

No matter how much CRAZY life throws my way, God is ALWAYS in the middle of my craziness, softly and tenderly calling me to simply BE HIS CHILD and accept His love, no strings attached.

Although meant to be a simple Mardi Gras throw, that bright red, stuffed “conversation heart” that read BE MINE is actually a powerful reminder of God’s Crazy Abounding Love for each of us!  What a blessing to know that there is always more than enough of God’s love, grace and mercy to cover any amount of crazy in our lives!

By Kimberly Belanger