Festival de Noel 2018 | Hands For Hope

December 2 @ 6pm
Preparations are underway for our Festival ‘de Noel #4! This Advent evening will once again be filled with beautiful music bringing a message of hope and joy for our church and community.  Your contributions help in making this happen.  

Three categories of giving for your consideration are:

Musicians ($200)
Decorations & Advertising ($100)
Reception Needs ($50)

All contributions can be brought or mailed to church office with attention to Rev. Terry Love.

Under the leadership of Adam Philley, our Music Ministry along with many devoted volunteers look forward in giving “a thrill of hope the weary world rejoices.”

Any questions, please contact Deborah Griffith at dggriffith@att.net.

BUMC Youth

BUMC Youth

We in Broadmoor’s Youth Ministry have

already been quite busy this month with no

signs of slowing down, and I would not have

it any other way! In the past two weeks, all

of our programs have run very well, and

we are currently averaging about 30 youth

every Sunday night!

Great Headline

Great Headline

    When I was in seminary, I was exposed to small town Georgia newspapers.  There was one, The Herald-Journal of Green County, that carried one of the all-time news stories.  The H-J didn’t run absurd stories like “Hitler is alive and living on Neptune” or “Woman Births Duck”.  But this story was an eye-popper.