The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass

The concert is an annual concert, and part of the Festival Arts Series, taking place at 6pm, March 25th, Palm Sunday evening, as a beginning to Holy Week. This year we have chosen to perform The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass by esteemed American composer, Carol Barnett. This piece is very unique in that it combines the formal latin choral mass with the country sounds of bluegrass music. The piece is accompanied by upright bass, banjo, guitar, mandolin and fiddle. Ms. Barnett states "My highest hope is that listeners coming from one tradition— classical or bluegrass—and perhaps dubious about the other, might discover something new and wonderful in the combination, as I have.

Growing up in rural Louisiana, bluegrass was a part of my life from an early age. Continuing my education in choral music has shaped my career path. This piece is an obvious fit for me as a conductor and has become a favorite of all who are participating. I know that you will find something both musically and spiritually that speaks to you. The librettist, Marisha Chamberlain, says: "In this is love, not that we loved God but that He loved us, says John in the Gospel, which launches our Bluegrass Mass as an earthy, immediate story of love between Creator and creation." As we begin Holy Week there is no greater time to remember this incredible love that has shaped the story of Creation from the beginning of time and continues to shape our story even today.

Please join us March 25th at 6 pm,  Palm Sunday evening as we begin Holy Week with this truly special concert

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Ash Wednesday Services | February 14

Lent begins us on the journey to Easter, the culmination of God’s great love for us made known through Jesus Christ. This year Lent begins on Ash Wednesday which is Valentine’s Day! Broadmoor UMC is preparing 3 opportunities for you to welcome the Lenten season with the imposition of ashes. This year we will offer a brief service at 6:30 am and noon in the chapel. If you find yourself running late, join us when you can! Pastor Peter will remain in the sanctuary an hour after each brief gathering to offer ashes and prayer.
At 6 pm the congregation will gather for a full Ash Wednesday Service, including the choir, in the sanctuary. Together we will worship God as we usher in the season of Lent.

Heartfelt Appreciation

A special thank you to all our many volunteers under the leadership of Nancy & Kenny Beauvais. Thank you also to everyone who contributed to our outside lighting project. Certainly we appreciate all who attended this third annual Festival. Your support and encouragement mean  so much. We know our guests enjoyed the welcoming fellowship that is Broadmoor.  Again, heartfelt appreciation to all of you!

Many thanks to our Festival Arts Series/Festival de Noel contributors:
Margaret Bray
Marjorie Burns
Mary Caldwell
Harriet Kendrick Carroll
Johnny Coody
Cornerstone Sunday School Class
Norma and Dick Davenport
Deborah Griffith
Rowena Jones
Debbie & Tommy Kerr
Eneile & Ron Mears
Paul Merkle
Sue Sanders
Searchers Sunday School Class
T.J. Simpson/Lamar Advertising
Ann Spikes
Kathryn Thompson
Sherry Thompson
Upper Room Sunday School Class
Diane Valentine
Shirley & Jim White
  In memory of Mae Bray & Jane Porter
Allison Wray


Continuing Hurricane Relief

As a church, we’ve collected thousands of dollars to support those affected by the hurricanes this month. We’ve shipped tools and needed supplies to Houston and Orange, Texas. We even managed a warehouse on Courtesy Lane for several weeks to provide a place for our community to drop off supplies they’d purchase at their convenience. As rate of donations declined, we began storing donations in our own bus barn. still has the most up to date list of needed items. 

This weekend, of Sept 22, 23, and 24 will be the last few days where we will open our doors to accept drive up deliveries on the weekend. We will have a trailer out in front of the church for Sunday worship one more time to collect donations. If you can help us welcome our community members this weekend, please sign up using the following link, or call the office to let us know you’ll be assisting.

On behalf of the recipients of assistance, thank you for all the love you have shown in your generosity with your gifts and time.