Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Hurricane Harvey has caused severe damage and historically high flooding in all of Southeast Texas and Louisiana. As the rain continues, we can anticipate more devastation and rescue efforts in these areas.

We feel a pull on our hearts to do something, and we rise to answer that call. Here are some immediate ways to help:



God is fully present in the midst of the storm offering strength, comfort and hope. Pray for First Responders who are working tirelessly to rescue and assist those in need. Pray for the ERT (Early Response Teams) as they prepare to go into the affected areas. Pray for those who have evacuated with an uncertain future. Pray for those watching the rising waters fearful they will need to be rescued. And pray for friends and family who are feeling helpless to do anything for those they love.

Prayer connects us across the miles with God's grace flowing deeper and faster than the flood waters rising.


Make a monetary contribution through Broadmoor United Methodist Church. We will see to it that your donation goes to supporting the Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts.

Make a contribution directly to UMCOR (The United Methodist Committee on Relief).

Flood Buckets & Health Kits

Anyone who wishes is urged to assemble Food Buckets and Health Kits. As of now in the Broadmoor area, Asbury UMC and Grace Community are both drop-off locations for flood buckets and Health Kits

Click here for Health Kit Directions

Click here for Flood Bucket Directions



American Red Cross

More than 1,800 people took refuge from the storms Saturday night in 34 Red Cross and community shelters in Texas and one shelter in Louisiana.
Visit Red Cross to see how to help


Donate Blood

Donated blood is always a way to safe a life.

Find a LifeShare Center near you