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The day-to-day operations and ministries of the church are funded through your gifts to the General Operating Budget which will total about $1.5 million in 2018. Prayerfully filling in your GIFT ESTIMATE helps you to define a spiritual goal for 2019, and provides significant information for the leadership to make future plans.

Filling out your Gift Estimate cards for next year may not be one of your favorite things to do.  But, it should be. It is one of those things you agreed to when you became a part of the church; remember – prayers, presence, GIFTS, service and witness? We each are to faithfully live a sacred oath that acknowledges God as the source of our existence and us as the co-creators of God’s universe.

Inflation has not been a major factor in recent years, but increased youth, children’s and music programming, technology needs, security measures, utilities and staffing expenses have added to the budgeted expenses.  Would you consider a 1% or 2% increase in your General Budget giving?

When we are asked to fill out our Gift Estimate cards for next year it is the most simple thing, the most convenient, to put in the same figure as the current year.

But, spiritually speaking, in so doing we short-change ourselves and are robbed of one of the most sacred joys in which we can participate; giving to the church in response to the outpouring love of God..

Perhaps, 2019, would be the time to consider again all the blessings you have received from God.

The Giving Estimate Card will be in the Generosity Packet that you can pick up on October 14 and will be available online.


giving to the faithful debt elimination campaign

To eliminate the debt of the church by June, 2019

In May, 2015, the BOLD Faithful Campaign was initiated to pay off the indebtedness of the church in 48 months. The principal balance remaining is under $975,000 with a 6 month reserved of $136,000 in the bank.

That is a very commendable effort in the first forty months of the Campaign, and the accelerated principal reduction literally has saved the church over $1.1 million in interest cost.

Please, pray energetically as to what is your sacred support of Broadmoor United Methodist Church and the BOLD Faithful Campaign. Thanks for your continued faithfulness to the ministry of Jesus Christ through Broadmoor United Methodist Church.

The Faithful Campaign Giving Card will be located on the back of the 2019 Loyalty Card, which will be available online and at the church mid-October.