The highest order we have is to love ... | By Dr. Greg Davis

A wise church member was shaking his head talking about the divisions Americans find ourselves in today.  He looked at me and said, “Greg, there’s only one thing that will get us through all the division in our country – LOVE.”
        It made me think about the limitations imposed by love.  I took vows to remain faithful to one spouse.  The limitations that has imposed on me has been for the best: it has greatly simplified my life – and made me a better person.
        My love for my children has imposed other limitations on my life.  I left work on time – and sometimes slipped away during the day – for ceremonies, banquets, and sports events.  Although I’d occasionally nag myself about more commitment to work, I always put my family first.  Those were the limitations imposed by love.  
        The apostle Paul had to deal with a squabble in the new church started in Corinth.  Seems some members had a problem eating food that had been offered to idols.  It bothered their conscience to eat it – most likely they felt they were dishonoring God.  
        Meanwhile others had no qualms about eating such food – hence the division.
        Paul didn’t believe there was a problem with eating such food.  After all, it had been used to worship meaningless idols who had no sway over the God of Paul.  Nevertheless, he instructed all the church members to refrain from eating it.  It might not threaten God, but it did threaten others – they wanted no connection with false gods.  So, the limitations imposed by love governed them to not eat this food.  Even though those concerned about eating the food were wrong, love for one another took precedence over principle.
        The highest order we have is to love – love God, love our neighbor, and ourselves.  What Jesus was about – and still is – is love.  The extravagant way that Jesus lived his life was to communicate that overwhelming love that God has for us.   Love is the only thing that is going to keep us from splintering into warring factions.  Love means knowing we are the ones who have to compromise.  It is not someone else who has to compromise for us.  These are the limitations imposed by love.