Congregational Transformation 2018

Dr. Gloria Fowler is a name you will be hearing around the church in the coming months.  She is the Director of Congregational Transformation for the Louisiana Annual Conference.  Dr. Fowler has led more than 100 congregations through the process of gathering information and interviewing staff and laity.  Dr. Fowler shares key information with the congregation on a Sunday morning.  Subsequently, Town Hall meetings are held in the following 3 to 4 weeks.  Long Range Planning emerges from this process.  Dr. Fowler will be speaking with BUMC on October 3. 

There is one thing everyone can do now: complete a brief survey on line.  The link is

Her initial meeting with church leadership will be Saturday, August 25 in Pearce Hall.  Invited are all leaders of respective boards and committees as well as staff.

-Dr. Greg Davis