Beginning the Congregational Transformation Process

Here is a link to the page we will be using during the process to try and keep all the information in one place. 

On June 5, Pastor Greg and a small group met with Rev. Dr. Gloria Fowler, Director of Congregational Transformation for the Louisiana Conference, to launch our 5 year review and update to the 2013 Strategic Plan.  Attendees were some of the folks who will do the data collection for our Current Reality Assessment and help oversee and support the overall planning process (Jim Thompson, Margaret Frees, Phillip Templeton, Charles Allen, KellyBerne, Terry Love, Laura Vaughn, Carrie Restel, Kyle Bolton, Amanda McCarter,, and Sue Thomson). Dr. Fowler is an articulate and skillful young woman who has led this process with over 100 Methodist churches in Texas and now, in Louisiana.

We are starting small, collecting information about BUMC to track our history, accomplishments, challenges and opportunities.  There are going to be opportunities to involve/hear from as many people, groups and stakeholders in the congregation as possible, and Gloria has great processes for us to do so.  But first we need to do some basic homework for Dr. Fowler.  And, we will need your help through out this process. 

All the best,
Sue Thomson