50 years of Love & Devotion

It is always a blessing to be part of God’s special moments. I received a phone call one day while at the church. It was from a woman named Carolyn Rorie. Some of you may remember her as Carolyn Goode. Carolyn grew up at Broadmoor UMC and even got married here on August 10, 1968. 

Carolyn is now living in Nacogdoches, TX, but wanted to make a special trip to Broadmoor on August 10th. You see it would be her and Tom’s 50th wedding anniversary. However, Tom wouldn’t be here to celebrate with her. He had passed away April 12, 2018 after a courageous battle against lymphoma. Carolyn wanted to come and remember the love of her life on their special day. And I was honored to help.

Sometimes we have no idea the impact we make on people’s lives. It was a gloomy and stormy day August 10, 2018. But it was brightened when I got the pleasure of meeting Carolyn and her sister. My heart was warmed to know I got to be part of something very special. As I welcomed Carolyn and her sister back to Broadmoor, Carolyn handed me an envelope. It was a special memorial gift to the church. She said, “It isn’t much, just a dollar for every year we were together.”

Carolyn, if you are reading this, your gift was more than just $50 dollars. It was a gift that represented 50 years of love and devotion. It was a gift that honored not only Tom, but God as well. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day.


Pastor Kelly