Generosity Corner

One of the most important acts of generosity as it relates to the family is having a current will.  As most of us live in Louisiana, you must have a Louisiana will, to avoid confusion and conflict at your time of death. The will is a legal contract that directs the distribution of your entire estate (anything you own).

Keeping a will current is very easy. It should be reviewed annually to make sure the person handling your affairs (executors) is current. Who gets what? That’s all the will does. If your will was written in 1950, 1970 or even last year, there might be a need to make changes. After all, life changes each and every day.

All property is distributed according to the will, except in the case of insurance and some other investments which are determined by the beneficiary provided in your contract. Within the will special bequests can be made such as the home, car, boat, dog and any other special items. This is an element of family planning that will see that your desires and wishes are carried out. If you don’t have a current will, you don’t want the will that the state has planned for you.

Of course, you can make sure that your last gifts to the church would be honored and assured.

We are not giving legal advice, and we recommend you contact an attorney to develop your will. If you would like the names of our church members’ attorneys, just contact our office.

--Generosity Committee