All Saints Day

A dad was talking a lot with his young son about the death of his grandfather.  His understanding of death ranged from “Grandpa’s with God” to “Where is heaven?” to “Heaven must be in outer space.”  

He told me that after a month or so, his son came up with the best answer he’d ever heard.  They were out on the back porch.  His son was poking at some pill bugs, watching them roll up.  He told his dad he was “playing God.”  Dad said, “Look, you really can’t play God because no human can be God.”

                Then his son asked him, “Do you know what the greatest         thing in the world is?”

                “That’s easy, son: love is the greatest thing in the world.”

               “No, Daddy, that’s not it!  God is the greatest thing in the         world.”

               “Well, that’s true, but God is love – God created love and     everything else in the world.”

               “So Daddy, when we die, we just disappear into love, don’t we?”

               “I guess you could put it that way, sure.”

               “So Grandpa’s alive in my love, isn’t he?”

               “That’s a good way to put it.”

At that point, dad went to drop a trash bag in the garbage can, thinking about what his four year-old had just said.  When he came back to the patio, his son asked him, “So, Daddy, when we die we just live forever in the love of the people we leave behind, don’t we?”

On All Saints Day, we examine our souls.  And we remember those people who helped shape our lives.  They are our “saints”.  Although they are no longer here on earth, they remain with us in our hearts.