A Season of Saints

“What are these arrayed in white,

Brighter than the noonday sun?

Foremost of the saints in light,

Nearest the eternal throne?”

~Charles Wesley

The first Sunday in November is an intentional time of remembering those who have gone before us. We typically refer to this Sunday as All Saints Sunday. This November I invite you to join us in The River as we celebrate a “Season of Saints”. Who are these beloved saints, arrayed in white, and what does it take for us to become one of them?

There is a primary distinguishing mark of the stories the saints tell. We can speak of these saints and what they did and meant to us. They are stories of deliverance, stories of salvation, and never stories of personal gain or accomplishment. How can these stories help us tell our story? And how does telling our story, tell God’s story

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Kelly