Church Transformation Report

After both 11:00 services last Sunday, the Church Transformation Process Report was shared with BUMC members.  What follows is information about what was shared and what the next steps are.

Report recommendations include:
+ Refining our mission statement so that EVERY ministry, resource, and staffing is aligned with
   BUMC’S vision.
+ Streamlining/simplifying the decision-making structure of BUMC
   (think fewer committees and meetings)
+ Realigning staff as needed to “work” the vision
+ The Nominations committee will create intentional leadership development
   (think goal-setting, training, and accountability)
+ Improve how we communicate inside the church, the staff, and outward to our    surrounding community
+ Create a Community Engagement Team to determine how to meet our neighbors         and grow relationships within our community
+ Develop and clear, simple process for growing new and seasoned disciples
   (think Discipleship pathway)
+ Hold a Miracle Sunday to pay off the remaining debt

We immediately are holding Town Hall meetings (see list of meetings on this page).
After the Town Halls conclude, your Church Council will vote whether or not this is something BUMC is ready to do.   Please be in prayer for this process.  And go to a Town Hall meeting Sunday, October 21 from 9:45-10:45 am in the Chapel.