Member to Member (Growing deeper in your Faith)

The following was shared with me by a member of Broadmoor:

Reading the Psalms can sometimes be difficult!  I have made a 12 ½ year commitment to read one Psalm every day for a month.  During the month, I have found that my understanding deepens as I have time to research the background and sit with what verses really speak to me.  I am surprised how often they are used in church, in prayers and on cards.  

I am about to start my fourth year with one of my favorites, Psalm 37.  Maybe you would like to join me in making the commitment to really let the Psalms speak to you.       

(We would love to share with our congregation how you are growing your faith in deeper ways.  If you would be willing to share your story, please contact Laura Vaughan, Director of Discipleship at or 318.861.0586.)