Live Generously. Give Generously.

How are you living a generous life? The New Year provides wonderful opportunities to use the gifts God has given you!

How are you serving in and through Broadmoor?  Are your gifts being utilized?
1 Corinthians 12:27-13:13 reminds us that we are all a part of the body of Christ and that we each have gifts that God has given us.

Your gifts help make the body of Christ function properly.  

Do you have the gift of teaching?  You can lead a small group or Bible study or teach an adult, children or youth Sunday School class.

Do you have the gift of hospitality?  You can serve as an Usher, Greeter, Valet Parker, New Member Friend, or in our Kitchen Ministry.

Do you have the gift of serving?  You can mentor a child through Kids Hope; volunteer to sort clothes at Common Ground or serve at the Highland Blessings Dinner.

What one thing can you offer back? We are blessed that members of our church family give back in so many ways.  There are persons who come every week and straighten up the sanctuary before worship, pick up trash in the parking lot on Saturday, knit and crochet blankets for the layette ministry and for those who are suffering with an illness.

As you walk through the halls of Broadmoor take some time and listen to where God is calling you to use your gift.  What ministry may not be fully functioning because the body of Christ may not have your “part”?  Do you have an idea for a new ministry or want to volunteer? For information and questions, please contact Laura Vaughan, Director of Discipleship at 318.861-0586 or