The UMW Reading Program

The UMW Reading Program offers an annual selection of books reviewed  by  the National UMW to encourage critical thinking about current issues, to deepen a sense of spirituality and to broaden an understanding of UMW mission work.  Our church library now has a designated area for these books along with binders including program regulations, report forms and copies of the Response and New World Outlook magazines.  
There are 4 reading plans which cover 5 categories emphasizing 5 missions: Social Action, Leadership Development, Nurturing for Community, Education for Mission and Spiritual Growth.  Our UMW encourages all UMW members to check out the Reading Program and consider participating in this study opportunity.  
We currently have 12 books for the program.  If you would like to purchase a book for the program or make a donation to UMW for purchasing books, please check out the reading list in the library.  At this time, our books are adult selections but there are youth and children books available ( with the added good news that these books can count as adult selections on your plan.)

Our Annual Report for 2018 is due in mid June, so hurry on over to the library and start reading.  In case you are worried, the information on the report just indicates the number of readers our UMW has in the program and total number of books read.  No names!  If you have any questions, please contact Hilda Holder at 349-3192.