A Faithful Finish; A Hopeful Start

Budging for the church is a such an interesting process of faithful response and hopeful anticipation.   Some givers to the church pledge more than they can finally give, while others pledge or don’t, and give more than we could anticipate.  On the expense side of the equation, there are so many factors dealing with a large, aging church complex, programming, personnel, worship, utilities, and other operating expenses, that attempting to estimate a number takes prayerful discernment.  At best the process is an educated guestimate.
At the beginning of 2017, the Finance Committee accepted a budget anticipating $ 25,000 less in revenue than 2016, and about $ 4,000 less in expenses.  Finishing 2017, total revenue exceeded the anticipated revenue by $ 25,000 and total expenses came in at $ 14,333 less than anticipated.  I am extremely pleased and humbly grateful that Broadmoor United Methodist Church finished 2017, with revenues exceeding expenses by $ 31,825!     
This is a significant amount in the plus column and it represents not only the fees from the weekday children’s programming and miscellaneous use fees, but pledge gifts, non-pledged gifts, First gifts, and loose plate gifts.  It was a concerted effort where every element of the revenue stream was essential to raising the total of $ 1,562,725.  Estimates of Giving made for 2018, reflect a $ 60,000 increase over 2017 Pledges.  What a hopeful start indeed!
As concerns the BOLD Faithful Campaign to Eliminate the Debt by July 2019, the principal balance beginning 2018, is $ 1,258,805 down from $ 3.3 M in May, 2015.  With $ 500,000 in active pledges remaining, the balance of indebtedness left to address is approximately $ 758,805.  And, we have maintained a six month reserve to service the debt if needed.  Please, prayerfully consider you additional gifts to complete this most important campaign of Broadmoor UMC by July, 2019.
In addition to the generosity experienced in the budgeted funds and BOLD Faithful Campaign in 2017, other gifts have made possible an upgrade of the sound system, new flooring and decorations in the Sanctuary, as well as, remodeling two bathrooms by the Office and the foyer area of Anderson Hall.  Replacement of the air-conditioning in Anderson Hall is underway too.  Festival Noel and the CSM trip by the youth and the Celebration Ringers tour were funded through special gifts.  Many special gifts and fundraisers support the mission efforts of the church, along with the children’s and women’s ministries.  These second mile gifts from the heart are so very important to the mission and ministry of Broadmoor UMC to Invite, Nurture, Equip and Serve to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
With God’s sustaining grace, mercy and wise guidance we finished 2017 in a wonderful way.  With hope generated through the Holy Spirit’s continuing support and encouragement we begin again to be Christ’s faithful servants for another year.  Thanks for all of your prayers and generosity.