I remember 12 years ago in September of 2005 trying to help with efforts for victims of Hurricane Katrina. I volunteered to work at a donation site, set up in a closed Dillard’s store in a large mall.

It was a chaotic disaster – I stood in the former women’s department of the store facing a mountain of clothing and people kept bringing more clothing and items of all descriptions.  After a couple of hours, I had barely made a dent in the mountain, and I had only sorted clothes into stacks – there were no boxes, so I really didn’t know what was going to happen to the clothes after I left.  There was virtually no direction and very few workers, but the clothing just kept coming.  I left after a few hours.

Eventually I learned that all the clothing at this site had been sent to the landfill. I said then, that if given the opportunity in the same circumstances again, I would try to be involved and organize donations that could really be helpful to those in need and use donations in a reasonable and efficient way.

That time has arrived. Through Broadmoor United Methodist Church in Shreveport, and my company HDW, Inc.  we have organized such an effort in the last few days. Our website is located here www.hopeforhoustonnow.com

Through the generosity of Ricky Lennard, we have a 30,000 square feet ware house to receive donations. Donations are being restricted to only items that our recipient partner in Houston, St. Luke’s Methodist Church tells us are the most critical.

Right now these needed items are:
Baby Diapers
Baby Wipes
Feminine hygiene products
Box Fans
Bottled Water
Infant Formula
Mucking Tools (square point shovels, buckets, floor scrapers, gloves and masks)

Items will be updated as the need changes.
At our Shreveport site, 6101 Courtesy Lane, we will volunteers ready to help unload donations.
Thank you for reading my long message and considering helping in any way you can.

Please share this with your friends, family and business partners.

Donation site: 6101 Courtesy Lane.

Drop Off Times: 10-6 Monday thru Friday, 9-4 Saturday and 1-4 Sunday.

Kenny Beauvais