Farewell Reception for Thea Pennywell

On Sunday, June 12th, we will bid a fond farewell to Thea Pennywell, our Organist for the past 11 years. Thea has shared her incredible musical gifts at Broadmoor UMC since April 2005.

The Pennywell family, which includes Thea, her husband David, and daughters Lila (4) and Cora (2), will make a big move to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 25th. David will begin his cardiothoracic surgery fellowship at UPMC on July 1st. His fellowship will last at least 2 years, but possibly a total of 3 years if he decides to further specialize. Thea plans to keep making music, enjoy experiencing new adventures with her husband and daughters in Pittsburgh, begin searching for a new church home, train for another 1/2 marathon, and eventually pursue work as a plastic surgery Physician Assistant. Lila is excited about starting kindergarten at Robinson Township Christian School in August and is already making big plans for her 5th birthday party in September. Cora is going to love spending more time with her mommy, making new friends, and playing in the snow this winter.

Over the past 11 years at Broadmoor, Thea has most loved the community of people who have continually shown the love of Christ to her, her family, each other, and the world beyond Broadmoor's walls. When asked about her favorite Broadmoor memory, Thea replied, "I have far too many great memories at Broadmoor to list only one favorite. Some of the happiest, saddest, most challenging, and most profound moments of my life have occurred at Broadmoor either completely alone with God in the Sanctuary or in the company of one or more people. I am so thankful for this entire journey. My hope is that my music, efforts, and time at Broadmoor have not brought attention to myself, but have instead in some way caused you to draw closer to God. I implore you to keep singing your praises to Him with passion, courage, and skill! It has been my pleasure to worship God with you each Sunday."

Please join us in celebrating Thea's time at Broadmoor this Sunday, June 12 at 9:30am in the Fellowship Area. There will be a basket for notes of appreciation, and we encourage everyone to stop by and share a few words with the Pennywell family!