Chancel Choir to Perform at Carnegie Hall

New York Trip with BUMC Chancel Choir | March 17-21, 2017
How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! Well, that's what our Chancel Choir has been doing over the past 10 months, and we're excited to announce that they have been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in a festival chorus with guest conductor Anton Armstrong from St. Olaf College.

They will be in NYC from March 17-21, 2017, with the performance on March 20, 2017. Make your plans now! If you'd like to attend the event as a non-performer, there is an option that includes hotel arrangements, one Broadway show, and premier seats for the concert. There is a $100 deposit needed to secure that spot ASAP.

Please congratulate the choir as you see them. This is a big honor for them. Also, if you know of anyone who may be interested in providing financial help for this great event, please contact Adam Philley at