Learning to Love

By Dr. Greg Davis, Senior Pastor

You will love your fellow human beings if you are to be happy and fulfilled. The world is such that it is impossible to live without love. Some people try and they live nothing more than a slim existence. The deepest and best experiences of your life have come because you were willing to love. How much richer life would be if that love could extend to more than one person, or a few persons, if you could indeed learn to love your fellow human beings.

The more you are able to do this, the more fulfilled you will become. The more you are unable to love, the more isolated you will become.

We are not necessarily born knowing how to love. We need to be taught. We need to learn to love. You can teach yourself. If you are willing to risk – if you are willing to go out on a limb – if you are willing to make the act that is for the other – you can teach yourself.

Love brings an assurance of immortality. It puts you in touch with a feeling of transcendence. The more love that is in your life, the more you become aware of the reality of life beyond.  

Jesus is the one who can teach us to love. He teaches a love that is not just for those who are easy to love but for those who are difficult to love. Once you cross the boundary and begin loving the unlovable, you have crossed into a new world and have become a new being, a being that will love forever.

The good news is that whether you choose to love is in your hands. It is not in the hands of the government, or your neighbor, or your spouse, or the Russians. It is in your hands. It is a power that God gives you. The more you are able to use it, the happier and more fulfilled you will be. The more you are in touch with Jesus, the easier it will be to love.

Love Shines Through: An Invitation to Generosity 2016

By Dr. Greg Davis

Randy and Stephania Braselton, along with John and Jane Hubbard, have teamed up to form a new team – the Generosity Team. As you know, one of the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5 is generosity. Generosity is being openhanded and unselfish. In all areas of life, “God People” practice generosity. We are unselfish with our prayers, our helpfulness (even when it cramps our style a little), our talents…in short, we give of ourselves, and love doing so…doing so out of love.  

Friends, love shines through our generosity. In that spirit, we will begin an October sermon series and generosity emphasis called “Love Shines Through." It will focus on the various actions faithful, committed “God People” engage in so that love shines through into others’ hearts and minds.  

This series will culminate on October 30th, which is 2016’s Loyalty Sunday. On Loyalty Sunday each of us will have the privilege of expressing our generosity for 2017 – pledging our generous participation in the support and life of Broadmoor UMC.

Leading up to Loyalty Sunday, Ron Easterling and Terry Love will be speaking in various adult Sunday School classes and others will speak in worship. Prior to Loyalty Sunday, information will be mailed for you to review and prayerfully decide how you will choose to express your generosity in the coming year.

Our church was founded so that people could come together to share their lives with each other, grow in their faith, and discover in their difficulties the possibility of new life.

Our aim is to:

  • Be a church that looks to Christ for the answers to the problems of everyday life

  • Enrich, strengthen, and support families of all kinds in the midst of a troubled world

  • Know the great truths of the Bible

  • Provide the best there is for children and youth

  • Love our neighbors

  • Create a true spiritual fellowship

  • Preach the Gospel and teach the Word

  • Find the abundant life Christ offers us

We emphasize the basics:  Worship.  Sunday School.  Prayer.  Adult Education.  Christian Care and Concern.

I believe something special happens to people when they come together to help each other. We are striving to be a generous people. We are striving to sound a note of hope and love in a cold world.