IMPACT: The Power of a Significant Life


Understanding the IMPACT of GENEROSITY

Focus:  Seeing generosity as the opportunity to participate in the vision and mission Christ’s Spirit has put before us

Empowerment:  The Spirit of Christ is always accompanying us and going before with insight and purpose. It is easy over weeks and months to lose focus on the goals we set for ourselves. Distractions cause us to become complacent.  We revert to old habits, forgetting our previous motivations and emphases. Conversion is an important and ongoing spiritual process of remembering and discovering who we are and how we are to think and act for Christ’s sake.

Conversion is a determined shift of one’s attention from daily concerns that cloud over the spiritual vision Jesus provided. The practice of conversion gives us new insight to recognize the personal benefits of sharing our resources with the ministry of the church. The daily practice of seeking new insight through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit greatly enhances our appreciation of how enriching our generosity is to us as individuals and families. A misconception of spiritual generosity is that you become poorer by giving away your resources when in reality, through gifts to the mission of the church, you become richer and more satisfied with your efforts in and out of the church.

Our annual emphasis on giving once again helps to shift our attention from being conformed to this world to the wonderful benefits with which we are blessed through faithfulness to the will of God.

Engaging My Generosity’s IMPACT

There are two different estimates of giving on the IMPACT card.

  1. An estimate of giving to the General Operating Budget is a twelve month commitment beginning in January, 2020, to address the basic expenses of the ministry of the church. Included in these are expenses for operations and basic maintenance, programming, personnel, and connectional church responsibilities.  These budgeted items, which have been stable at about $1.55 million for several years, are expected to have some increase in 2020 with rising costs.

  2. The second side of the card asks you to consider a generous estimate to help finish out the Elimination of the Debt of the church. You have come a long way from a total debt in May, 2015, of $3.3 million to a current balance of $485,000. This accelerated reduction in paying the note is responsible for a savings of $1.1 million in interest. 

  3. Please print your name is on the first side of the card.  

My situation may change and I can’t complete my IMPACT estimate.

Your IMPACT estimate is a “great faith” estimate of the amount you believe, with God’s help, you can give in the coming year based on your best information now. If you have a situation that arises that distracts you from that figure, you are only asked to let the Pastor of Administration or Financial Secretary know to make the change in your record.

I like to pledge on line.

Yes, online giving is becoming more popular. Go to Click on the three tiny white bars on the top right to open the links.  In the drop down, click on GIVING / PAY ONLINE. Click on Generosity 2019-20. Click on ONLINE FINANCIAL PLEDGE to open the form.  Complete the form, click on SUBMIT and return to the previous page. Please click on ONLINE SERVICE PLEDGE to complete the OUTPOURING 2019 Loyalty process.

There are several giving options for your convenience.

Along with payments by cash and check, you may also give through direct deposit with your bank set up on a monthly basis, credit or debit card at the kiosk or online for a single or recurring transaction. You can also text GIVEBUMC to 877.570.3715 to make your IMPACT gift to the General Fund.

An IMPACT gift may not be in my budget in the next few months.

All gifts are greatly appreciated whenever you are able. If you cannot decide on a regular gift at the present time, don’t despair. If circumstances change and you wish to make an IMPACT gift at a later time, please prayerfully do so.

Additional information or account updates are available.

Please contact Terry Love, Pastor of Administration, with your questions or information requests at 861-0586, email at, or text 318-828-9419. 

Please return your IMPACT estimate at worship on October 27.

Come be a part of worship on October 27. Bring your IMPACT estimate card with you. Place it in one of the boxes at the back of the Sanctuary or in The River. You can also go online as explained above. We will be consecrating all of the giving estimates on the 27th and celebrating our gratitude for God’s IMPACT in our lives.