What happens when we are Generous?

What happens when we are Generous?  Our generosity to God and others not only touches God and other people, it also changes us. If we don't change, we become self-absorbed, money-consumed, joyless people.  When we are generous---to God and to our families, friends, neighbors, and others who are in need---our hearts are filled with joy.  Generosity changes us, filling us with joy and filling our lives with blessings.  

Giving is a grateful response to God.  Gratitude for all the blessings God has given is the number one reason people give.  Christian

people have a built-in desire to say thank you.  They like to give because they have already received.  Giving is thus an act of worship, as well as an act of thanksgiving.  They give as a response to God's giving.  Giving adds meaning to our life.  There is nothing bad about feeling good, especially when the good feeling accompanies acts that follow the example of Christ.  Giving adds meaning to our lives.  giving is one of the primary joys of living.  People like to help people.  Christian people are generous.  They want to give to help other people.  

People know that giving is a spiritual response to God's gift of salvation.  Giving liberally is a direct consequence of commitment to Christ. We know how to express love because we have first experienced the sacrificial giving love of Jesus Christ.  We give because Christ first gave to us.