What does Generosity look like?

In Acts, Paul says not to be bound up by fear about your life or your future so you can be free enough to share what you have and who you are with joy..  Generosity is rooted in the belief in God's abundance and every act of generosity toward another is the same as giving that person a blessing.
What does generosity look like?  It looks like a God who became vulnerable enough to enter fully into this human life, a Jesus who risked giving everything, even his life, to pour his heart and soul and body into a ministry of healing and transformation.  As you have more gratitude for God's son and his ultimate generosity to us, you begin to exhibit more and more generosity yourself.   
As the Holy Spirit continues to work in our lives, we begin to think less about ourselves and more about others.  We begin to see and respond to the needs of others and wonder, if I don't do something, who will?  As this change takes place within us, we experience real joy.  We find more joy in doing things for other people and for God than we ever did in doing things for ourselves.  This is what Jesus meant when he said "It is more blessed to give than to receive",
We give because Christ first gave to us.  Our generosity to God and others not only touches God and other people, it also changes us.   
Greed and envy and materialism have been replaced and God's light shines within us in a way that gives light to others.  As we allow Christ to work in us, seeking first his kingdom and striving to do his will, we begin to sense a higher calling---a calling to simplicity and faithfulness and generosity.  We begin to look at ways we can make a difference with our time and talents and resources.  
These spiritual realizations bring us to a central theological foundation for generosity:  Life is a gift and everything belongs to God.  We are managers of God's resources---both the natural resources of our planet and the things that we have.   
Generosity changes us, filling us with joy and filling our lives with blessings.  When we are generous with what we have, we find that unexpected blessings flow back into our lives, catching us by surprise.  What's more, as our generosity blesses others, they are changed, too.  

Charles and Kay Allen