Dear Fellow BUMC Members and Friends,

When we first started attending Broadmoor United Methodist Church, there were only two buildings---the Sanctuary and the Education Building.  They were not connected and people had to brave the elements going between them.  It is hard to believe, but back then, as you entered the sanctuary, the church’s entire administrative offices were underneath today’s balcony, where the very back rows of the sanctuary’s ground floor pews are.  Today we are blessed with the many additions and growth the church has experienced that includes the renovated Sanctuary with its beautiful stained glass windows, the Parlor, Fellowship Hall and administrative areas. 

That growth occurred due to the foresight and generosity of the many members who had the desire to give unselfishly to leave a legacy for future generations.  It is time for us to prayerfully consider how we can be part of that legacy.  Gratitude is the genesis of generosity. Our generosity is directly related to the gratitude we have for our Savior and His Kingdom.  Generosity cleanses our hearts and fills them with the servant spirit of Jesus himself, resulting in God being praised.
As Generosity Sunday approaches, each of us renews our vows to uphold Christ’s Church with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness.  We pray that you will be present on Generosity Sunday, October 29, in one of our three services and join us in presenting your estimate of giving card as a visible sign that Christ and His church are first in our hearts.  If you cannot be present, please complete and return your card in the envelope provided prior to Generosity Sunday so that your card can be dedicated that morning with those of other members and participants.
God bless you for your prayerful consideration of this essential practice of Christian discipleship, returning a portion of the gifts He has bestowed upon you.  We pray that the Lord is forever with you, forever blesses you and uses you to bless others.

Randy & Stephania Braselton // Chair, Generosity Committee