A Sincere Thank You

Dear Fellow BUMC Member,  

On behalf of all the members and the entire staff at Broadmoor UMC, the Generosity Committee would like to sincerely thank you for your continued support and generosity to our beloved church.  As we stated in our letter a few weeks ago, it is through the unselfishness and generous support of the church’s members over the 75+ years of its growth that the church has flourished and grown into what it is as we know it today.
To date we have 186 Generosity Estimates received as compared to a total of 206 last year.  Fifty two family units increased their pledges.  Factoring in decreases from various causes throughout the year, we have a net gain of about $ 13,000 with a total anticipated total pledge of $ 846,000.  This is a very positive response from the Generosity Campaign and very much appreciated.  You may still return your estimate of giving if you have not done so.    
It is through your support and the generosity with your time, your talents, your service, your gifts, and your witness that help make this church the great House of the Lord that it is today.  
Thanks again for your continued prayers and support in BUMC.  We pray and look forward to continuing this mission of BUMC in 2018 and the years to come.  

Randy & Stephania Braselton
Chair, Generosity Committee


What happens when we are Generous?

What happens when we are Generous?  Our generosity to God and others not only touches God and other people, it also changes us. If we don't change, we become self-absorbed, money-consumed, joyless people.  When we are generous---to God and to our families, friends, neighbors, and others who are in need---our hearts are filled with joy.  Generosity changes us, filling us with joy and filling our lives with blessings.  

Giving is a grateful response to God.  Gratitude for all the blessings God has given is the number one reason people give.  Christian

people have a built-in desire to say thank you.  They like to give because they have already received.  Giving is thus an act of worship, as well as an act of thanksgiving.  They give as a response to God's giving.  Giving adds meaning to our life.  There is nothing bad about feeling good, especially when the good feeling accompanies acts that follow the example of Christ.  Giving adds meaning to our lives.  giving is one of the primary joys of living.  People like to help people.  Christian people are generous.  They want to give to help other people.  

People know that giving is a spiritual response to God's gift of salvation.  Giving liberally is a direct consequence of commitment to Christ. We know how to express love because we have first experienced the sacrificial giving love of Jesus Christ.  We give because Christ first gave to us. 

Facts and Questions

Q:      How is an annual campaign helpful?
A:      A major purpose of an annual financial campaign is to encourage you as a participant in the congregation to regularly reassess your giving practices.  Generosity is a spiritual response to the gratitude you have in recognition of how much God’s blessings mean to you.  As your body has life, so too is your faith journey alive. As your life situation is subject to change, so too is your appreciation for God’s blessings and your ability to respond. Secondarily, your generosity estimates help the leadership to plan for the coming year.

Q:    What if my situation changes and I can’t complete my generosity estimate?
A:    Your generosity estimate is a “great faith” estimate of the amount that you believe, with God’s help, you cancommit to giving in the coming year based on your best information now.  If you have a situation that arises that distracts you from that pledge, you are only asked to let the Business Administrator or Financial Secretaryknow to make the change in your account.

Q:    Why are there two different estimates of giving on the pledge card?
A:    1An estimate of giving to the General Operating Budget is a twelve month commitment beginning in January, 2018, to address the basic expenses of the ministry of the church.   Included in these are expenses for operations and basic maintenance, programming, personnel, and connectional church responsibilities.  These budgeted items have been stable at about $1.5 million for several years.

    2The second side of the card asks you to consider a generous estimate to help finish out the BOLD Faithful Campaign to Eliminate the Debt of the church by July, 2019.  You have come a long way from a total debt in May, 2015, of $3.3 million to a current balance of $1.6 million.  This accelerated reduction in paying the note hasalready saved $1.2 million in interest cost.
    Three check boxes on the card help you to identify where you are in the remaining 18 months of the effort continuing as of January, 2018.  You can acknowledge your previous pledge and confirm your scheduled payments and their completion.  You can acknowledge your previous pledge, increase that estimate, or engage in a new estimate.   If you have not previously made a commitment to the BOLD Campaign, you may indicateyour desire to do so and complete the bottom of the card. Of the $1.6million remaining debt balance, only half of that amount remains unpledged.

Q:    May I pledge on line?
A:    Yes, go to BroadmoorUMC.org.    Click on the three tiny white bars on the top right to open the links.  Go to QUICK LINKS and open GENEROSITY 2017 / ONLINE FINANCIAL PLEDGE.  Follow the instructions to complete your estimate.

Q:    What are my payment options for giving?
A:    Along with payments by Cash or Check, you may also give through Direct Deposit with your bank setup on a monthly basis, Credit or Debit card at the kiosk or online for a single or recurring transaction.  

Q:    What if I cannot make a Generous Estimate for 2018 at this time?
A:    All gifts are greatly appreciated whenever you are able.  If you cannot make a commitment at the present time but wish to give to the ministry and mission of Broadmoor United Methodist Church at a later time, please prayerfully do so.

Q:    Where may I get additional information or account updates?
A:    Please contact Terry Love, Pastor of Administration, with your questions or information requests at 861-0586 or email at terry@broadmoorumc.org.

Q:     When do I turn in my pledge?
A:     You are asked to bring your estimate of generosity card with you to one of the three worship services on October 22nd or the 29th.  You can also go online after October 15th and pledge as explained above.  We will be consecrating all of the cards on the 29th and celebrating our gratitude for the generosity God has shown us. Please be present at one of the services 8:30 and 11:00 a.m.


Dear Fellow BUMC Members and Friends,

When we first started attending Broadmoor United Methodist Church, there were only two buildings---the Sanctuary and the Education Building.  They were not connected and people had to brave the elements going between them.  It is hard to believe, but back then, as you entered the sanctuary, the church’s entire administrative offices were underneath today’s balcony, where the very back rows of the sanctuary’s ground floor pews are.  Today we are blessed with the many additions and growth the church has experienced that includes the renovated Sanctuary with its beautiful stained glass windows, the Parlor, Fellowship Hall and administrative areas. 

That growth occurred due to the foresight and generosity of the many members who had the desire to give unselfishly to leave a legacy for future generations.  It is time for us to prayerfully consider how we can be part of that legacy.  Gratitude is the genesis of generosity. Our generosity is directly related to the gratitude we have for our Savior and His Kingdom.  Generosity cleanses our hearts and fills them with the servant spirit of Jesus himself, resulting in God being praised.
As Generosity Sunday approaches, each of us renews our vows to uphold Christ’s Church with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness.  We pray that you will be present on Generosity Sunday, October 29, in one of our three services and join us in presenting your estimate of giving card as a visible sign that Christ and His church are first in our hearts.  If you cannot be present, please complete and return your card in the envelope provided prior to Generosity Sunday so that your card can be dedicated that morning with those of other members and participants.
God bless you for your prayerful consideration of this essential practice of Christian discipleship, returning a portion of the gifts He has bestowed upon you.  We pray that the Lord is forever with you, forever blesses you and uses you to bless others.

Randy & Stephania Braselton // Chair, Generosity Committee


What is Generosity?

What is generosity?  What is a “generous person”?  What does generosity look like?  Are we generous as individuals?  As a church?  As a community?  How can we be more generous in our daily lives?
This new column will explore in coming weeks these and other questions pertaining to generosity. Hopefully, this column will shed some light on how each of us as individuals, as well as a church, can be more generous in our daily lives.
Gratitude is the genesis of our generosity.  As we experience and appreciate God’s generous gifts of time, talent, service, etc., it ignites in us a desire to generously share those gifts with others.
As for the rich in this present age, charge them not to be haughty, nor to set their hopes on the uncertainty of riches, but on God, who richly provides us with everything to enjoy. They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, thus storing up treasure for themselves as a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is truly life.  1 Timothy 6:17-19
Being conformed to the image of Christ includes emulating his sacrificial, giving nature. We can use our own generosity as a gauge for our own spiritual health. How open are we to give? How sacrificially?  Generosity is a gauge of our gratitude as individuals and as the body of Christ.
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16
Is it any wonder that the scripture that so explicitly expresses the loving gift we have received in Christ Jesus would also communicate God’s gracious generosity? Because God loved the world, he gave. Love inspires generosity—always.

The Generosity Committee